Junami® | Milwa cv

Junami® Brandname | Milwa Varietyname

In the EU, only licensed Inova Fruit n.v. marketing partners my acquire 'Milwa' apple trees. The apples' brand name is Junami®. Thus far, the consumer brand has been in much demand and will received, Inova Fruit is a partner of VariCom GmbH and has assumed responsibility for the EU launch of Junami®.

Name of the variety











Smooth, hardly any rusting, yellow-green, 3/4 bright-red, veined to washy colouring, numerous small, light lenticels.


Fruit form


Spherical, medium-wide stem depression, calyx half-open, regular


Fruit pulp


Cream-coloured, firm, juicy, fruity aroma, very good taste




Mid-September until the end of September 

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For further information, please visit: www.junami-apple.com